Office Deep Cleaning


Office Deep Cleaning

Our professional cleaners can assist you in making your empty house feel fresh and clean. We will clean every nook and corner of your one-room kitchen.


Service Includes

  • Moping and cleaning of conference rooms.
  • Wall cleaning to remove dry dusting and cobweb ( Not wet washing )
  • Cleaning of washroom tiles, washbasin, taps, mirror, shower, WC, cabinet and Disinfection of washroom.
  • Moping and cleaning of floor.
  • Dry Vacuuming of sofa , chair, carpet and curtains etc. ( Not Wet Cleaning )
  • Wiping of windows, window panel, dry Vacuuming of window channels and a dusting of grills.
  • Fridge, exhausted fans, microwave, stove and coffee machine external cleaning with de-greasing of pantry area.
  • Cleaning of Wardrobes and cabinet externally. ( Internal if emptied by customer in advance )
  • Cleaning of lighting fixtures, doors handle with Wiping.
  • Dusting & Wiping of desks, desktops, tables, computer and printer etc.


  • Customer has to arrange for ladder/stool , water supply and electrical connection.
  • We don’t give 100% guarantee on hard and old stains because more scrubbing will damage the surface.
  • Unable & unsafe places will not be cleaned by our cleaner.
  • Wet wiping for wall available with extra charges ( only washable painted walls )
  • Carpet, Curtain, Sofa and chair foam/shampoo, leather -polish cleaning are available at additional charges.
  • Cabinet & shelves cleaned by emptied by the customer in advance.
  • For the sanitization service , extra charges will be applied.