5 tips for home cleaning before moving into a new house! 

It can be exciting and stressful all at once to move into a new home. There are numerous things to pack, clutter, and relocate. A lot of planning must go into everything. Before unpacking your belongings and arranging your furnishings in the rooms, you should first clean the house when you get to your new home or you can get help from the house cleaning services in Mumbai.

Even though you might not want to handle it on your own after all the moving, packing, and travelling, Safai Company believes it is probably the foremost crucial activity to complete. Home cleaning services in Mumbai are particularly important if you are going into an older home. Even if it is the landlord’s and the last renters’ job to keep the place tidy and clean, you always need to have a hand on it, well, why not?

In a different scenario, the advice provided below will help you complete the task if you decide to do it yourself. So let’s look into the following:

Thoroughly clean the floor and all of the walls/surfaces

Begin with the top and working your way down is the perfect method to clean your house effectively. Simply put, you might need to clear the flooring twice if you cleaned the walls first and then started on the floor.

Therefore, it is preferable to begin dusting from the top to prevent having to focus on the same section again. 

Continue by vacuuming and cleaning the walls. Your new home would have become dusty over this period if you took so long to shift there. Additionally, you must properly cleanse your walls if you plan to repaint or plaster them. So a good place to start is by wiping the corners of the walls and ceiling. Even professional house cleaners at Safai Company will follow the same process. You can inspect the walls for holes, bugs or webs while you are cleaning.

It’s necessary to mop the floor once you’ve finished cleaning the walls and ceiling.

It is possible and preferable to vacuum the floor once you thoroughly dusted the walls, windows and every single surface in the house. This is so that you can eventually get away from unwanted dust, which collects on the surface and may be removed with a proper floor cleanup. Your home will be spotless as a result!

Ask your family and friends for assistance by dividing the rooms and spaces

It might be difficult to clean an entire house by a single person. This is not a one-person activity because it will consume a lot of effort, time and energy if you try to do it all by yourself.

You must complete your home cleaning work more quickly if you plan to relocate to a new home as soon as possible. 

Help from the house cleaning services in Mumbai can save you from this exhausting task!  You can contact experienced home cleaners at Safai Company if you need cleaning services.

In contrast, you must always ask for the help of your family and friends. To have home cleaning done quickly, give each family member a work or an area to clean. Safai Company believes that dividing the tasks can save a lot of time and this approach is efficient as well.  When one section is finished, you can simultaneously go on to several other places.

Tasks can be completed in this manner much more quickly than you might imagine.

Inspect and wash the items

If you’re shifting into a modern home that already has electrical devices like a refrigerator, microwave, etc, you need to look at their condition as well. If you want to be sure they are clean and tidy, thus you should properly inspect them.

If you ever want to clean them, you can apply a water and soap mixture to do a thorough job or hire our cleaning services for perfection.  Before washing devices with soap and water, be sure they are unplugged.

You can contact the trained cleaners offering home cleaning services in Mumbai for efficient cleaning of the kitchen and various parts of the home.

Dust off the furnishings and cabinets

There will undoubtedly be some of the cupboards and furnishings in the drawing room, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. if you are relocating to a property.

You cannot simply rely on these items being spotless because someone may have stayed there before you. You must focus on those aspects if you want to ensure that your new home is flawless when you settle in.

Home cleaners can assist you with this cleaning task. But you must exercise additional caution if you’re working alone.

Be extremely attentive when dusting the cabinets because they are typically installed at a height. Cleaning the cabinets safely and getting to the highest sections is possible with the aid of a secure step ladder.

You can clean furnishings using a mix of water and gentle soap. Cleanse the furniture with the mixture using a soft cloth. Later, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe away the solution. 

Be careful not to apply too much water on wooden furniture as it could damage the wood. If your sofa is leather, you can also apply alternative cleaning components like vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or other relevant cleaning solutions. 

Check everything thoroughly

Just after you’ve finished cleaning the entire house, you should give it a thorough inspection. To verify that nothing is forgotten and that you have cleaned every inch of the house, you are shifting to.

Assess the bathrooms first, then the rest of the house’s areas.  Be careful to check the cupboards and closets to check if there is something inside. Ensure everything is spotless by paying particular focus to the closets, walls, and storage areas.

Using these suggestions, you can have peace of mind knowing that you and your family will be moving into a brand-new, spotless, and healthy home. 

If you don’t feel you have enough time to complete all of these activities, you can hire Safai Company’s house cleaning services in Mumbai for assistance!

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