Post- Diwali cleaning: How to remove rangoli stickers from floors?

The festival of lights, Diwali comes up with so much decoration and parties. Your house was surely looking aesthetic with all the lights, diyas and rangolis but now you are having trouble with the sticker rangoli you pasted on your floor. The half-torn-out rangoli is irritating you. Though some of the materials or items you bought to increase the beauty of your home also have stickers, labels and tags on them. Even though it may appear straightforward, removing stickiness from stickers on the floors or objects can be difficult at times. 

Thankfully, there are a number of DIY (do-it-yourself) ways and tactics for securely erasing sticker leftovers. However, not all of these ways will work on all objects and floors, our house cleaning services in Mumbai are sure that most of our recommendations given below will assist you in getting out of your problem.

How to Remove Sticker Remains

Even if you’ve removed quite as many stickers remains as you could manually, apply one of the mentioned techniques to remove any remaining material. House cleaning services in Mumbai at Safai Company give only one tip prior to actually attempting any of the following approaches, check the solution in a secret location to ensure that it will not discolour or otherwise affect the surface/floor.

Using a Plastic Blade/scale

The side of a plastic blade or scale can be utilised carefully to scratch the sticker from many places without causing harm to the surface, however, metal objects may cause damage to the area you’re wanting to protect. Additional ways for removing stickiness include scratching the surface with a soft eraser or cleaning the spot with the rough side of a sponge. This works well for clearing sticker material off the plastic, but be aware because it might damage glass.

Using Hot Water

If feasible, put the mixture of hot water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid on the sticker until the sticker becomes soft.  Scrape the remainder with your hands or a plastic blade. Cold water is less efficient at washing away sticker paste than hot water.

Using Alcohol

Using alcohol is a strong liquid that is suitable for many types of floors like plastic, wooden, and glass. Alcohol is an efficient option. To erase the leftovers present on the surface, use alcohol and a cloth or fresh sponge. Stickers that are especially hard to peel can be loosened by rubbing an alcohol-soaked cloth on the affected area and allowing it to stay for a few minutes. House cleaning services in Mumbai again wipe with a cloth and remove the residue to see a clean and shining surface. 

Using cooking or olive oil

To soften sticky remains, use cooking or olive oil. Wipe the leftover particles using your hands, and a pointed plastic scraper. Some other approach is to clean the affected region with a clean towel. Just after the sticker material has been removed, easily clean away any leftover oil.

Using white vinegar 

You can save money while also enhancing your family’s health by properly identifying how to eliminate sticker leftovers with common household materials. Cover the sticky spot with a new cloth or napkin after dipping it in vinegar. Following a few moments of softening, clean or scrape the material away. Safai Company’s house cleaners usually use vinegar to clean kitchen appliances. 

Using rubber/eraser

Rubbers can be used for far beyond just erasing unwanted pencil marks. A rubber will work equally effectively to erase sticky leftovers from most areas. It is a proper DIY technique and might work in some cases. 

Using commercial chemicals 

Several solutions on the market are intended to remove sticker leftovers. The stickiness can be efficiently removed if you follow the product’s guidelines. The solution is commonly applied to the sticky area, allowed to set for a few minutes, and then wiped off or cleaned with a cloth.

Using toothpaste

While it may appear weird, toothpaste can benefit in the removal of sticky coating on the surface. Avoid using gel toothpaste.It is also safe for practically all surfaces and has the ability to clear away stains from your home. You don’t need to wait for it to dry; simply apply and brush away.

Using nail remover

A nail remover is a powerful solution that dissolves practically a sticky material quickly. Just dip a cotton pad in the solvent and wipe the sticker away.

Using kerosene

Whenever all other options have been of no use, a small use of powerful kerosene will remove the paste. Dab a cloth in the kerosene and scrape the sticky area. Then clean the surface with warm water and you will see a sparking floor. Just a tip you should never use this chemical on painted walls.

How to Get Rid of Sticker leftovers on Wood materials/surface

What to do with pasted stickers on your wood surface? Don’t worry! The process varies and depends on the sort of wood you own. If the wood is unpolished, use nail remover or white vinegar to clean it. If the wood has been polished, you must take extra precautions because the same chemicals may ruin the surface. It is advisable to use toothpaste as it truly works and maintains the quality of the surface.  

Hire professional cleaners

You can always look up to hiring professional house cleaners to do your chores. At Safai Company, house cleaning services come at a reasonable price. We offer services that are tailored to your needs and use quality materials so that the look of your home remains sparkling. Hire us now to get the best house cleaning services at your scheduled time and date. 

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