Tips to keep your sofa new and fresh!

Sofas define the aesthetic look of your house and give you comfy vibes every time you sit on it. We simply pop our feet up and chill here, and for most families, this is when everyone gathers to watch their favourite TV programs and films.

The notion that people spend most of their hours on the sofa cannot be ignored, though. No matter if you use it to enjoy TV, relax, read, or simply use your smartphones or laptops (which you frequently do), the sofa has become the second most relaxing place in our home after bed.

Despite your best efforts to keep it new and clean, you sometimes slip and spill things on it or stain it. It also gets dusty with time and it simply occurs. However still with the best efforts, we occasionally get unattractive spots. 

Deep cleaning of the sofa frequently is necessary if you want it to live longer and cleaner. However, a lot of people struggle to manage this with fabric sofas. There’s no need to stress if you’re among them. To assist you, Safai Company has put together simple instructions on how to have sofa cleaner service providers or tips to clean your sofa. Continue reading the blog to learn the quick and useful guide to properly cleaning the sofa!

Sofa cleaning services in Mumbai and guidelines for leather sofa

Step 1:

It’s recommended to use a microfiber towel to clean the stain thoroughly or simply vacuum everything to deeply clean the sofa and get away from unwanted remaining dirt or particles before beginning to clean each stain one at a time. Safai company, with our professional cleaning service providers, make sure you get a spotless sofa that also smells good. 

In order to prevent any needless scratches, your hire professional sofa cleaners in Mumbai apply a good idea to add the soft brush accessory to the vacuum. Please remember that leather is more sensitive to scratches and other obvious flaws, so you should always be careful when dusting and cleaning it.

Step 2:

The following step that our professional sofa cleaners in Mumbai do is to treat your sofa with appropriate cleaning products after we have finished wiping away the overall filth. 

The simplest approach would be detergent and hot water mixed in a 50:50 proportion to eliminate common spots and maintain freshness afterwards. Although utilizing a specific leather cleaning detergent isn’t required, doing so would undoubtedly simplify and speed up the process. Safai Company uses products that are eco-friendly and causes less damage.

Step 3: 

You’ll need to utilize anything other than common everyday items if you need to clean out any ink stains. Our sofa cleaner service providers have all the necessary materials for leather sofas which removes stains quickly. 

Other than that if you are doing it on your own, making a cotton ball, soaking it in alcohol, and carefully dabbing it on the area is the best course of action to avoid damaging the leather. But try to hire professional sofa cleaners in Mumbai to avoid any mistakes. 

After performing this procedure multiple rounds with various alcoholic cotton balls, you can proceed to clean the spot with a washcloth and lukewarm water.

Sofa cleaning services in Mumbai and guidelines for fabric sofa

There is a cleaning guide for each sofa. The options are W, S, W/S, and X. This is significant in determining how thoroughly the sofa may be cleaned without being harmed.

W: Using water-based cleaning methods is generally simple. Please be careful not to soak the sofa excessively.

S: In addition to solvent-based cleaning, dry cleaning is another alternative for washing fabric sofas. Make sure there are no open fires and check the ventilation.

W/S: When you only have to clean one area, there is confusion about whether should I clean with water or a solvent.  Consider using a moderate detergent, soft dry washing fluid, or maybe shampoo. You should regularly remove dust and take care to keep them fresh because it might be challenging to maintain. 

X: Only use a vacuum or soft brush.

Let’s begin the deep cleaning of the sofa for your fabric sofa right now. Try out a few cleaning techniques for your couch!

  • Getting Rid of Odors
  • Apply baking soda and dry carpet cleaner to take away any odours from the sofa.  Take these actions:
  • Remove all dust particles from the bottom of your sofa first.
  • Pour baking soda over all of the material at this point. After that, simply let it settle for at least 15-20 minutes.
  • Following that, vacuum the sofa with a brushing attachment.
  • To get rid of tough stains afterwards, use a dry carpet cleaner. Simply keep it around for 20 more minutes. Also, steam cleaning may remove any remaining odours.

The use of a steamer

Vacuuming your sofa should be the first step in steamer cleaning. Ensure that the air is flowing. This aids in preventing the formation of moisture and residue. It’s also important to remember that just because your sofa is waterproof doesn’t imply it can get completely wet. So take care when doing that.

Allowing the sofa to air dry after the use of the steamer. A day of drying may be required for the furnishings. Therefore, avoid sitting on it and leave the windows open.

Our professional sofa cleaners in Mumbai include vacuuming once more once the sofa has dried completely to make sure everything is spotless. If you are doing it on your own then please refer to the handbook.

Using Brushes

To get rid of particles or dirt, use a brush. We use a firm one for stains that have dried on. Other than that, clean cloth on light-coloured couches.

Frequently brushing your fabric sofa can actually help maintain it clean. Additionally, think about protecting your sofa’s fabric using products. Last but not least, take care to clean it quickly once a mishap occurs!

To sum up

It is simplest to maintain some sofa fabrics since they can protect themselves from spills and stains. Washing powder or dishwashing solution and lots of water make up the fundamental composition. Safai Company sofa cleaning service providers employ the right volume of soap to avoid covering the sofa in suds.

As far as you follow proper procedures, cleaning and maintaining a sofa is extremely simple. The elements they are made of largely determine the cleaning techniques used. Knowing the best methods to clean a particular material is important because not all basic cleaning methods work on all materials. To get the best results for your sofa, hire our professional sofa cleaners in Mumbai! We won’t let you down!

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