7 house cleaning hacks that might surprise you!

It can be challenging to prioritize even small things to clean when we have hectic schedules and busy lifestyles. It is reasonable to assume that some necessary house cleaning may be ignored for days while you are juggling other duties and your business life. When you have a lot on your plate, it’s possible to lose sight of a safe and clean environment in your surroundings.

While many people excuse a lack of time for not doing their responsibilities and house cleaning, others ignore the need for a spotless area entirely. Safai Company believes that even cleaning a few things is more than just maintaining the house fresh and neat. For this, we have listed some house-cleaning hacks that can be useful for you!

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Use potatoes for any cast iron object

We understand that potatoes are supposed to be consumed. But they can even help you with cleaning. Yes, potatoes can be used as a trick to scrub off any cast iron materials. You just have to simply sprinkle sea salt on the cast iron thing and clean using a sliced potato. Continue scrubbing until the dirt is gone and then wash with water.

Use rhubarb to remove any burnt-on marks

Burnt-on mess makes the material dirty and unhygienic. It is the most tiring work to remove stains of it but using some rhubarb can keep you away from the time-consuming task. Our house cleaning services in Mumbai think that rhubarb can be used to remove caked-on stains. Simply place a couple of stems of rhubarb in a burnt-on pan of water and boil it for around five minutes. After the water has cooled, clean the pan with a cloth to remove the spot. Rhubarb has acids that respond well to the carbon element of roasted foods. When they are combined in boiling water, a reaction happens that removes the burnt regions, making them light and simpler to brush away.

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Use lemon for your kitchen and junk waste

You don’t constantly have to rush out to the market to buy any artificial air fresheners for your waste smell, specifically if you have a large household. Just cut up some fresh lemons and squeeze them down the garbage. Whenever you open the dustbin, the lemon will release a lovely fragrance. In this manner, you can save money while also helping the environment.

Use vodka to remove fungi stains

Vodka is capable of more than just being a drink. It can assist you in getting rid of fungus from areas in your bathroom. It is just as efficient as vinegar or baking soda, so don’t be concerned if you don’t have either. Just make a solution of an equal volume of water and vodka and sprinkle it on the damaged regions. Leave that area for some time. Wash the stains away with a brush or clean towel after nearly 10 minutes. The vodka’s alcohol destroys the bacteria and the place shines again.

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Use vinegar to clean the toilet

Isn’t it preferable to go for vinegar instead of running to the shop to buy artificial bleach, which is more costly? Vinegar can be utilized a lot more than its basic use. Put a sufficient amount of vinegar in your toilet and leave for some time. After a while, brush the area and flush.

Use salt and grapefruit to clean the bathtub

Make sure to buy grapefruit whenever you go grocery shopping. It can be useful for cleaning. This fruit is excellent for cleaning unclean bathtubs, sinks, and shower surfaces. Simply cut fresh grapefruit and mix it with salt. The mixture of salt and citric acid is intended to remove those tough spots in your bathtub.

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Use wax paper to clean the yellowishness of the sink

Although our sinks have been professionally cleaned, regular use can cause them to appear dull and yellowish. After washing and sanitizing your sinks, clean their surfaces with wax paper. The wax will help absorb water and prevent subsequent spots from attaching to the sink.

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To sum up

We hope these hacks can help you keep your house clean. But if you still might not be able to do the cleaning on your own, you should consider hiring house cleaning services in Mumbai. The professional cleaners at Safai Company have been extensively trained and are equipped with the necessary skills and experience to make your house gleaming clean. House cleaning services will result in faster outcomes, saving time and reducing anxiety. They will also ensure that money is well spent. Safai Company is a professional cleaning company that can provide you with these services at a reasonable cost. Call us today and have a clean place!

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