A complete guide on how to do the oven cleaning!

Oven cleaning is usually considered one of the most difficult and time-consuming housekeeping duties. It is the least wanted kitchen cleaning work by people.
We understand that cooking stains and caked-on food that has been ignored for a long time take a significant amount of effort and energy. Furthermore, you have to get into all types of odd postures to reach the different areas of the oven or underneath the extractor hood.
That’s why Safai Company has listed easy oven cleaning tips and suggestions.

Continue reading for simple ways for dealing with sticky spills and making your oven a new one again!

Why is oven cleaning is necessary?

An oven is part of daily used kitchen appliances and having a clean oven is important for our health. For serious cooks, an oven can be used every day or even multiple times a day, which means there are numerous possibilities for food scraps, spills, and oil to accumulate at the bottom. If left alone, this can cover your kitchen with smoke and, in extreme situations, cause a fire risk.

A messy oven also serves as a breeding place for germs and bacteria that can be passed on to your meals. Furthermore, caked-on food and extra oil might degrade the performance of your oven.

An unclean oven will take more time and consume more energy to heat up and hold a consistent temperature, therefore, reducing the lifespan of the oven and leading to pricey maintenance.

When should I clean an oven?

The remaining foodstuff in the oven can be cleaned quickly and easily once the burner has cooled. You can make it a routine activity after having your meal. On the other hand, you can do a deep oven cleaning after every 3 months.

However, if you see food leftovers, spills, or your oven is burning, it is advisable to address the issue immediately rather than waiting for the monthly clean. Oven cleaning services in Mumbai on a regular basis will make the entire procedure much simpler to manage.

Cleaning the hob/burner

It only takes a couple of minutes to clean the sticky sauce or gravy with hot water. These liquids may be too hot to wipe up effectively right immediately it had spilled, because if you did not then you risk it to become hard and glued to your hob.

Thus, Safai Company’s oven cleaning services in Mumbai has given tips to follow whie doing it on your own:

Begin by cleaning off any dried foodstuff so you may concentrate on the most tough stains.

To maintain the quality of hobs, apply a specialised cream cleanser and rub it with a moist cloth.

Spray white vinegar on the hob and let it dry for sometime. After that, clear the hob with a sponge and you will see it shining.

You can also clean hobs with hot and soapy water solution. You just have to leave this as well for few minutes and then wipe it off smoothly.

Repeat the oven cleaning routine often to wipe all oil and food leftovers, but avoid using harsh cleaning equipment, such as iron wool or metal peeling tools, to clean tough stains.

Finally, wipe your burner with a dry cleaning towel or sponge so that it looks incredibly glossy and clean.

How to remove burn stains from your oven?

Your hob cannot only be spoiled by oil or dirt but burn stains can also reduce beauty of it. Here are the steps to resolve this problem:

Try to dust off stains with the dry cloth before applying any solution on your hob.

Scrub the hob area with a properly produced hob cleaning solution or a typical mixture of caustic soda and vinegar for a couple of minutes.

Clean out the solution with a clean towel, wiping as needed to remove any particles or dirt. If required, you can also repeat the last step.

Brush the burner with a cotton dusting cloth to restore its original quality.

Cleaning oven from the inside

Homeowners believe that cleaning the interior of the oven is a difficult and unpleasant chore that necessitates the use of harsh chemical-based cleansing agents and a lot of time and effort.

But our kitchen cleaning services in Mumbai believe that you don’t require to apply costly industrial cleaning solutions or invest time in scrubbing to have your oven shining again.

Safai Company suggests to go through your kitchen cabinets for some baking soda and white wine vinegar. When combined, these materials provide an efficient mixture that is excellent for cleaning burnt meals from the inside of an oven.

If you are not hiring kitchen cleaning services in Mumbai to do this task the you can apply the below mentioned method for oven cleaning:

Prepare a cleaning solution by combining half a cup of baking soda with a few teaspoons of water until it forms a thick paste.

Spread the solution to all the sides, surfaces and door of your oven.

Leave it overnight for better results.

Then, sprinkle white vinegar on the dried solution you put on the oven.

Scrub off the dust and debris using a wet cloth or sponge, then rub with a dry cloth for a gleaming finish.

Hire the professionals

If you are busy or can’t stand the idea of cleaning your oven, you can always call professionals for the kitchen cleaning services in Mumbai .

Among the most important services we provide at Safai Company is oven cleaning. Our skilled cleaners will bring your burner to its original sparkling position and make the interior of your oven seem like new. Our kitchen cleaners will clean all the sides and parts of oven where dirt and grease can easily accumulate.

We can also offer your complete kitchen a full deep cleaning, so if you need the work done right and have peace of mind, book us now!

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