How and Why Should You Clean Your Bathroom

Bathroom cleaning may not be among your favourite chores, but it is a necessary household activity. It is necessary to keep your bathroom floor clean as the floor is a breeding ground for several microorganisms. Bathroom cleaning should be done to avoid diseases and infections because bacteria can stay for a longer time. Mould and fungus can cause asthmatic and abdominal ailments.

How to Prepare for bathroom cleaning

  1. Organize

The work of bathroom cleaning is to clear the junk away. Put away any floor-mounted bath rugs and towel rail racks, shampoo packs, oils, etc. Anything that rests on the bathroom stands must be put away before you begin cleaning to avoid extra work of cleaning up solution spills.

  1. Sweep and dust

After that, gently check the floor to get rid of any residual particles that could be there. After doing this, brush or mop the floor to get rid of any leftover dirt. Dusting the surfaces first is crucial since you don’t want to sweep additional dirt onto flooring that has already been cleaned.

  1. Cleaning solution should be used in tougher areas

Put some bathroom cleaning solution on the parts that will require the highest attention like stains that are not easy to remove.

Your bathtub, shower, and any other spots with limescale remover should be cleaned first. The majority of your decision will depend on individual preference. We suggest making a mix of half white vinegar and half water for removing limescale.

Additionally, put some bleach down the toilet and wait for it to do its job.

Let’s start with bathroom cleaning

  1. Surface cleaning
    After getting rid of unwanted dust and removing everything from your stands, it’s time to begin cleaning down the surfaces. Here, use a towel and your washing spray to wipe down the counters, shelves, and cabinet doors.

Safai Company always advises starting at the highest position in your bathroom and moving your approach downwards while cleaning surfaces. In this manner, you can clear any dirt that has transferred from upper racks to lower surfaces.

Your bathroom windows and shower glass screens require a separate cleaner. Even if there are particular cleansers available, a vinegar sprayer can still be very useful.

Hire our bathroom cleaning services in Mumbai to clean shower glass if you require any additional assistance.

  1. Cleaning a shower and a bathtub
    Cleaning your shower and bathtub is necessary after cleaning the dust. Most of the dirt should be easy to remove if you’ve given the solvent time to sink in. To accomplish this, start from the top of the bathtub and then go to the bottom using a clean towel or sponge. This will take additional attention if there is a lot of limescale on the bathtub or your faucets.

You might have to wash your bathroom tiles surface more thoroughly if a lot of filth has built up there. Use a soft-bristled sponge or an old toothbrush along with a specially formulated shower and tile cleaner for this. Allow the cleanser to absorb for approximately ten minutes after spraying it on the grout.

The filth can then be scrubbed off the grout with a clean brush. Keep in mind that you should start from the top of the tiled area.

  1. Limescale removal
    Your bathroom’s sections with the development of limescale will require additional care. Our bathroom cleaning services in Mumbai always advise using gloves and determining whether any cleansing agents are appropriate when trying to remove limescale. Although there are professional cleaners ready to clean limescale if you are not able to do it with the natural methods or the result is not effective.

Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of half white vinegar and half water to make your limescale cleanser. Using half lemon juice and half water is another option. Apply a fair amount of the mixture to places that have limescale and let it sit for at least 30 minutes, or up to 2 hours for more tough stains. After giving it some time to work, you can wash it with a soft cloth or sponge, and the limescale will come off.

  1. Cleaning the toilet
    The least interesting task for someone is cleaning the toilet. Safai Company suggests carrying a separate set of gloves and sponges specifically for the toilet. It will be beneficial for you to keep each in a different colour so you can identify where you put them.

You should start with the toilet bowl. Put some solution into the basin and give it time to rest for a couple of minutes. After that, use a toilet cleaner and wipe the complete bowl, including the ring. You can apply white vinegar again if there is an excess of limescale in the toilet bowl.

Put the vinegar over the whole bowl and keep it for 3-4 hours s. After soaking, you can begin scrubbing, and the limescale will begin to dissolve. If this does not work, use more vinegar or let the vinegar remain overnight. When you’re finished, flush the toilet to have a sparkling clean bowl.

  1. Clean the floor
    The final task after cleaning everything else is to sweep the floor. It’s a good practice to vacuum or wash the surface before mopping to clear any extra dirt.

There will be several various cleaner kinds available, and you should be able to select one that is suitable for your particular ground type. Make a solution in a bucket with soap and hot water and another bucket with only hot water.

Squeeze out the mop after dipping it into the bucket. Note that if the mop is overly wet, it will not wipe any easier but will need double the time to dry. Begin cleaning the floor farthest away from the door and work your way back.

Clean the mop in the other bucket with hot water. This is one thing that many people overlook, but it means that you are not simply mixing dirt particles again into the bucket.

To sum up

We hope you understand in deep how to do deep bathroom cleaning. Safai Company recommends creating a plan and a routine for deep cleaning your bathroom. The approach will make the job simpler and quicker, as well as ensure that you have a hygienic bathroom. You can also hire us for your bathroom cleaning in Mumbai and we will be glad to help you!

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